VH-EBB  (2)    Boeing 707-138                                 (c/n  17697)


                                           The original allocation of VH-EBB was for a Catalina which was not taken up, so this, in fact, was
                                           the first aircraft to carry this rego.  It was also the first Boeing 707 to be delivered to Qantas (VH-EBA
                                           having been held in US for crew training, etc.).  It was named 'City of Sydney'.  When Greg Banfield's
                                           hangar shot (above, with enlargement of tail and rego area below) was taken at Mascot in in 1961 it
                                           was still wearing the original Qantas livery.    In 1967 it wa sold to Seymour Gross in Chicago and was
                                           then leased out to a number of operators, starting with Standard Airways with whom it flew as N790SA.
                                           It then had a long and complicated history (see Aussieairlines full story at
                                           and was finally retired at Port Harcourt, Nigeria, following a terrorist bomb attack on the cockpit in
                                           August 1998.