VH-EAO (2) Lockheed L-1049G-82-153  Super Constellation   (c/n  1049G-4679)


                                        Another Qantas photograph.  The L-1049G was the high gross weight version of the L-1049C
                                        with four 3,400 hp Wright Turbo-Compound engines and (usually) wing tip tanks.    VH-EAO
                                        was sold in back to Lockheed in 1959 as N9722C and then leased back in 1960/63 due to a
                                        capacity shortage.    Although assigned its original rego of VH-EAO during the lease, it was re-
                                        named (some-what appropriately) 'Southern Prodigal' as seen in the shot below taken (sans tip
                                        tanks) by Neville Parnell at Mascot in 1963.   Returning to the US in March of the year, it was
                                        sold to California Airmotive Corporation as N86682.   I saw it derelict at Fox Field, Lancaster,
                                        California in 1970.