VH-EAN  (2)  Lockheed L-1049H-82-133 Super Constellation  (c/n  1049H-4803)


                                    The only shot of VH-EAN I have been able to unearth is this long distance one from the Paul Zogg
                                    collection.        Since the craft had been fitted with weather radar in the above shot and since it was
                                    converted to a freighter in October 1959 (which would obviate the need for passenger steps) this
                                    would place the dating of this photo as 1958 or early 1959.  Venue: Rome, Ciampino?  It was sold
                                    back to Lockheed in 1962 (traded in on an Electra II?) and became N7777C.      It was leased to
                                    Alaska Airlines in 1964 and suffered an undercarriage failure at Kotzebuie in April 1967 resulting in
                                    its being withdrawn from service   .  It wound up as a bar and restaurant in the 1970s until finally
                                    broken up in September 1980.