VH-EAK (2)  Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation   (c/n  1049E-4573)


                                  The above is a John Hopton shot taken at Sydney's Mascot Airport, circa late 1950s.  It was sold
                                  in the USA in 1963 and was one of several I noted derelict at Burbank Airport in 1964.     Greg
                                  Banfield saw it at Mascot on 1 February 1963 with all Qantas titling, kangaroo, etc removed.
                                  Since the tail was missing when I saw it at Burbank I cannot confirm that it was registered N93163.
                                  After looking around for bits of the tail for several hours without success, I finally gave up.  The hulk
                                  was broken up in 1969.