VH-EAH (2)  Boeing 707-338C                                     (c/n         19628)

                                        Delivered in June of 1968, this 707 was named 'City of Perth'..  This was changed in October
                                        of 1971 to be 'City of Launceston' as seen in the close-up by Greg Banfield (below) taken on
                                        the same day as the side profile above, in June of 1976.  It flew with the airline for a decade and
                                        then was sold to brokers ITEL Capital Investment whose leased it to Korean Air Lines.   Greg's
                                        shot at the foot of the page shows it at Mascot in July of 1978 still bearing the rego VH-EAH but
                                        in full Korean Air Lines livery.  It then went to Iceland (TF-IUD) and Libya (5A-DTF) before being
                                        acquired by Northrop Grumman for use in the Joint STARS program.  In the event it was not used
                                        in this program and was reduced to produce at Melbourne, Fliorida in the late 1990s.