VH-EAF  (2)   Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation          (c/n 1049-4579)


                                          Another Jim Dyson photograph (above) from David Molesworth.  Qantas' Connies were difficult
                                          to photograph, since the airline name was directly above the wing .  If one captured the title, then
                                          the registration was usually so far away (and small) as to be scarcely readable, whilst shots taken
                                          from the rear were esthetically not very good and did not bring out the well proportioned lines.
                                          The color shot immediately below, from the Greg Banfield collection is about as good as could
                                          done.  Greg 's own shot at the foot of the page was taken at Mascot in January 1963 in the final
                                          months of Qantas service.  VH-EAF was traded-in to Boeing's for a 707, ferried to USA in April
                                          that year, and reduced to parts.  I sighted it at Burbank in 1964, derelict.