VH-EAE (3)  Boeing 707-338C                                             (c/n 19625)

                               Named “City of Brisbane”, VH-EAE was delivered from Seattle to Sydney in April 1968. In was
                               withdrawn from service in 1978 and sold to leasing company ITEL, which leased it to British Midland
                               as G-BFLD.    Over the next six years it was subleased to several airlines and its ownership changed
                               twice, but BMA remained the operator.     In 1985, it changed hands again, fitted with hush kits and
                               had its windows blanked out before starting a career as a freighter in the United States, where it became
                               N862BX.           It next moved to Nigeria in 1995, as 5N-BBD, with ADC Airlines but two years later
                               it was parked at Manston Airport in Britain being slowly stripped of usable parts. The remaining hulk
                               was later sold as scrap metal.     David Carter's picture of –EAE at Mascot dates from 1977, when it
                               was wearing Qantas’ red and ochre “Flying Kangaroo” livery.