VH-EAC  (3)   Boeing 707-338C                              (c/n  19623)


                                      Nice study of a long range series 300 Boeing 707 by Greg Banfield taken at Mascot in February
                                      1978.    Originally delivered early in 1968 as 'City of Sydney' it was renamed 'Longreach' in
                                      1971 (see Greg's close-up below) when the 'City' names were given to the new 747s.  In 1975
                                      it was leased for three months to British Caledonian where it became G-BDKE.  Returning to
                                      Qantas, it was finally sold off in 1978 to ITEL in Belgium who in turn immediately leased it to
                                      Ontario Worldair as C-GRYN.   After several other owners/leasers it returned to Australia in
                                      1983 having been sold to the Royal Australian Air Force as A20-623.      Initially a strategic
                                      transport machine it was later converted to a tanker.   Greg took the shot of it at the foot of
                                      the page (including close-up of the serial) at Mascot in September 1986.    So far as I know
                                      A20-623 is still (2010) in storage at RAAF Richmond