VH-EAC (1)   Lockheed L-749-49 Constellation                          (c/n  749-2572)


                                         The above rare shot of VH-EAC in original livery is from the Bob Fripp collection (via Geoff
                                         Goodall).        The name 'Harry Hawker' can be discerned on the nose on the original print. 
                                         The image below is from the Peter J. Marson collection via Ron Cuskelly.  VH-EAC was one
                                         of the four original Constellations purchased by Qantas in 1947.  Originally delivered with all
                                         metal finish, the white tops were added in 1951.  It was sold to Aerovias Guest as XA-LIO
                                         in 1955.