VH-EAB (2)   Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation      (c/n  1049E-4581)


                                          This photo is from the Greg Banfield collection, although its provence is unknown, as is the airport
                                          at which it was taken, which appears not to have been Mascot.      VH-EAB(2) was delivered in
                                          February 1955 and was named 'Southern Horizon'.  In 1958 it was converted to L-1049G status
                                          and fitted with tip tanks.  In 1960 it was further modified by Lockheed Aircraft Service at Ontario,
                                          California as a L-1049H freighter   After flying cargo runs for Qantas for a couple of years it was
                                           traded in to Boeing in 1963 and then went to Airmotive Inc as N9715C.     It had a varied career
                                          after than, a full acount of which can be found on Ron Cuskelly's Lockheed File at