VH-EAB (1)  Lockheed L-749A-79 Constellation       (c/n  749-2565)

The above lovely Kodachrome is from the Bob Fripp collection (via Geoff Goodall)    My own
                                      Qantas supplied B&W back in the 1940s (below) was probably taken at the same time.  The
                                      image at the bottom of the page, from the CAHS collection shows -EAB in latter day livery.
                                      This, the second of four original Connies was named 'Lawrence Hargrave' and often sported
                                       the Speedpak cargo pod as seen in these images.   The L-749s were a common sight at Heath-
                                       row in the late 1940s, having been used on through Kangaroo Route services from Sydney to
                                       London. (The trip took three days).  VH-EAB went to BOAC in 1955 as G-ANUR.