VH-EAA (1)   Lockheed L-749-49 Constellation                   (c/n   749-2562)


                               Design of the Lockheed Model L-049 was initiated in 1939 in answer to requirements from both Pan
                               American World Airways and Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA) for a high speed transcontinetal
                               airliner. Manufacture of the aircraft was begun, but with the outbreak of World War II all aircraft
                               were commandeered into the military as C-69s.    Twenty two were produced for the USAAF.  After
                               the end of hostilities, civilian production started up and the first Constellation was certified for airline
                               operation in December 1945.   The long range model was the L-749 and Qantas purchased four of them
                               in 1947, to service the route from Sydney to London, via Asia.  The first of these 'Ross Smith' is seen
                               above, taxiing at Mascot in the early 1950s.    This aircraft was sold to BOAC in 1955 becoming
                               G-ANUP.  For more details on this aircraft visit Ron Cuskelly's site (see link in Qantas Index).