VH-DZW  Cessna 150J                                        (c/n  15069312)

<>                                   This was the only 1969 model Cessna 150J imported by Rex Aviation.    It was done to meet its
                                   contract obligations with Cessna to have at least one example of the current Cessna line-up on the
                                   showroom floor   . The problem for Rex was that for the previous two years it had been under
                                   pressure from Cessna to import large  numbers of 150Gs and 150Hs as part of a global push to
                                   become the dominant force in flight training      This was driven by the belief that pilots were more
                                   likely to buy an aircraft from the same family as the one they learned on.     When the 1969 model
                                   year started Rex still had many unsold 150Gs and 150Hs on its books.  David Carter photographed
                                   –DZW on the Rex flightline at Bankstown in 1970  . It was to have a short stay on the register and
                                   was lost in a crash at Two Wells, South Australia on May 10, 1971.    In the 1990s, two used 150Js
                                   were imported and –DZW was no longer unique.