VH-DZJ  Cessna 177 Cardinal                     (c/n  17700142)

                                          Another of the original batch of 20 Cardinals imported in 1968.  VH-DZJ was a deluxe model
                                          with spats, special paint, etc.  Note cantilever wing.    Originally to have been introduced as the
                                          Cessna 172J.   The above photograph was taken by Graham Ruckert at Archerfield in August
                                          1968. It had been first registered in January of that year. Greg Banfield's shot below, at Wagga,
                                          NSW was taken a decade later in February 1979.  Looks to have the same livery, except for
                                          the horizontal bars outlining the rego.  Finally, in the image at the foot of the page, by  John
                                          Wheatley, it is seen at a rally at Archerfield, circa 1971, whilst operated by Brisbane's radio
                                          station 4BK, on hire from Queensland Flying Services.  It would appear that its sponsor for the
                                          event was a drug company.  -DZJ was damaged beyond repair in an accident at Cairns, Qld on
                                         19 August 1997.