VH-DZC  Cessna 177 Cardinal                              (c/n  1770019)


                                     VH-DZC had been allocated N2219Y at the factory before it was crated and shipped to Bankstown
                                     for Rex Aviation.      It came onto the register in December 1967 and a few weeks later, on January 6,
                                     1968, was photographed by David Carter at Mascot    . By the mid 1970s, –DZC was based out of
                                     Moorabbin, and flying out of there when it was destroyed in a crash at French Island on June 2, 1997.
                                     The pilot and three passengers were returning to Moorabbin when the Cardinal struggled to get airborne
                                     on take-off, sank back to earth and crashed through logs.     All on board were able to escape before
                                     flames consumed the wreckage.