VH-DUT  LET (Orlikan) L-40 Meta Sokol                       (c/n  150602)

                                VH-DUT, one of nine or so "reverse tricycle gear" Meta-Sokols imported in Australia, was first
                                registered at the end of 1962. It is seen above while new in the hangar at Dubbo, NSW in Dec-
                               1963.  Photo by Bob Neate, via Geoff Goodall.  The legend on the rear fuselage reads 'Seers &
                               Swain Mnfg - Orange, NSW', and under the badge on the fin 'Welding'.    VH-DUT is still active
                               and has recently undergone a complete overhaul.  It is now locally dubbed "Violet Crumble" 
                               (actually my favorite candy bar, and the only Aussie sweet readily available here in North Carolina).
                               The image below was taken by Phil Vabre in 2007.  A photo of it in an interim paint scheme can be
                               found on Ron Dupas' website at:   http://1000aircraftphotos.com/Contributions/Hitchen/3425.htm