VH-DUP  LET (Orlikan) L-40 Meta Sokol                  (c/n  150702)

This Meta Sokol was the demonstrator for the agents Dulmison Pty Ltd.  It is seen in this image from
                                      the Geoff Goodall collection at Bankstown in May 1961 in the compound reserved for Czech imports.
                                      Note Let L.200A Morava in back.    The sign says "YOU can afford to purchase aircraft for your
                                      business or pleasure - Easy Terms from Lombard Australia Ltd.  See our representative for details"
                                      Lombard, needless to say, were a financing corporation (taken over by National Westminster Finance
                                      Australia Ltd in 1983).    VH-DUP was re-registered, when sold in 1963, as VH-EMR, and then
                                      almost immediately (a few days later) was re-registered again as VH-EMB.  It was wfu in 1980.