VH-DUO    Brantly B-2                                   (c/n  61)

                                       Although relatively common in the US, only one Brantly B-2 has been registered in Australia.
                                       VH-DUO was imported in March 1961, (ex N5925X) and flown in the Sydney area until
                                       withdrawn from service in April 1976.      Since then it has been maintained in an airworthy
                                       condition on its owner's property near Campbelltown, NSW, although is currently unregistered.
                                       (The current VH-DUO is a Vans RV-6).    The above photo, by Greg Banfield, was taken at
                                       Maitland, NSW on 10 November 1973, whilst the shot below, from the Daryl Mackenzie
                                       collection, was much earlier in 1961, when the chopper was new.