VH-DUH  CZL (Let) Aero 145                                       (c/n  20-001)


                                   VH-DUH was the third Aero 145 imported by Dulmison Aircraft Pty Ltd.  (The fourth, and only
                                   other example of this model in Australia was VH-WWC).  -DUH was first registered in December
                                   1960.   It is seen above at Perth Airport in November 1964 in this photograph by Merv Prime (via
                                   Geoff Goodall) while owned by National Contractors, who used it for charter flying.         It is still
                                   current, and has been gorgeously restored to an original finish as seen in the nice shot below by Phil
                                   Vabre, at Temora in 2014.   It is now registered to an owner in NSW.