VH-DUE  LET (Orlican) L-40 Meta Sokol                  (c/n  150510)


                                         A nice Roger McDonald shot of the oddly configured Meta Sokol taken at Rockhampton, Queensland
                                         in July 1971.   107 Meta Sokols were built in Czechoslovakia. .      The aircraft had a "reverse tricycle'
                                         undercarriage which consisted of rearward retracting main wheels as on the earlier Sokol, and a small
                                         retracting rear wheel situated at rear wing root level.   VH-DUE was first registered on 26 March 1964
                                         to Gold Coast Air Services of Surfers Paradise, Qld.    It went on the other Queensland owners before
                                         being damaged in a ground-loop on landing at Rockhampton on 11 June 1970 and ran through the air-
                                         field boundary fence.  Roger's photo was taken at that location a year later, sans prop and still showing
                                         some damage.  It was later rebuilt and is still currently flying