VH-DUB    CZL (Let) Aero 145                                     (c/n  19-015)


                               Dulmison Aircraft Pty Ltd of Bankstown were exclusive importers for Czech aircraft in the 1960s,
                               as reflected in their VH-DU series regos.  The Super Aero 45 and Aero 145 were developments
                               of the earlier Aero 45.  Over 700 of all variants were built, most of which were exported.  VH-DUB
                               flew out from Europe with VH-DUA and came onto the register in June 1960      The above image
                               was taken by Geoff Goodall at Moorabbin in September 1967.   The nice color shot below is by
                               Joe Salfass and was at Derby, WA in 1960, while the aircraft was operated by Australian Blue
                               Metal of Sydney.   VH-DUB was withdrawn from use following an accident in 1976