VH-DTZ  Cessna 310L                           (c/n  310L-0087)


                                   This was the aircraft owned by my good friend Richard J. ("Dick") Maclean.   The above shot,
                                   however, was taken by Merv Prime at Jandakot in March 1968 when it was operating a contract
                                   by Richards-Rent-A-Plane of Toowoomba, Qld to Oil Drlling Exploration Ltd in the Kimberleys.
                                   Formerly N2287F it had been delivered across the Pacific to Rex Aviation at Bankstown back in
                                   February 1967.  .It was unused for several years when owned by Maclean who finally sold it to a
                                   bloke who wouldn't pay him and the aircraft was cancelled from the register in 2007 ('reduced to
                                   produce' but still under Richard's name)   My poor shot below was at Essendon in 1984.