VH-DST  (2)   Cessna 182K Skylane                           (c/n  18258237)


                                   Technically the second -DST (the first was a Cessna U206C which became VH-IXP immediately
                                   upon being registered), this Skylane was registered in November 1967       . That was around the
                                   time a new 182K with the c/n 58237 would have been registered.   However, this registration was
                                   well out of sequence for a Rex Aviation aircraft at that time, so it may have been the personal choice
                                   of the buyer  Or it might have been imported privately.  Certainly when David Carter photographed
                                   it at Bankstown in 1970 its registration letters were not where Rex customarily applied them (on the
                                   tail).   The choice of putting them in smaller letters on the fuselage in black over the ambient color is
                                   odd, to say the least   .   –DST was still current in September 2016 and owned by Arcav Aviation,
                                   of Albury.