VH-DSQ  Cessna 182B Skylane                          (c/n 52051)


                                         Both of these photos were taken by Geoff Goodall.  Above VH-DSQ is seen at Ballarat, Victoria
                                         in March 1966, while below, a decade later at Moorabbin in July 1977, it had had portions of its
                                         original Cessna paint scheme overpainted.   This 182 was first registered as VH-DSC in January
                                         1962, imported second-hand ex N2751G by Keith Dayal-Singh of Dayal Singh Construction Co
                                         of Tamworth.    Keith owned a long series of aircraft for his personal and business use, going back
                                         to Gemini and Proctor days.   A subtle re-registration of his 182B to VH-DSQ was achieved with
                                         simple paint strokes in July 1965, allowing him to use his preferred VH-DSC on a PA-30 Twin
                                         Comanche.  The Skylane above was written off on 28 February 1979 when it collided with a fence
                                         while attempting a go-around near Kilmore Victoria.   The three occupants were seriously injured.