VH-DRI  Cessna 337A Super Skymaster               (c/n  3370514)


                                        This Super Skymaster was owned by the Forestry Commission of NSW for over 30 years.
                                        It was first registered on 29 December 1966 (ex N5414S), and was one of several similar
                                        machines operated by the Commission.  Greg Banfield's shot above was taken at Bankstown
                                        on 8 December 1963.    When sold it went to the Walgett Aero Club.   On 9 October 1994
                                        the Club held a barbecue and flying competition.  During the event VH-DRI, which had just
                                        returned from a five day charter to the Gulf of Carpentaria, performed a high speed low level
                                        fly past across the field, and then entered a steep (some spectators say as much as 70 degrees)
                                        climb, wherein after 7 or so seconds in this attitude the speed decayed to such an extent that
                                        the aircraft appeared to stall, dropping the port wing and crashing onto the airport grounds 
                                     .  The pilot and three passengers were all killed.