VH-DRH   Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee                             (c/n 28-20805)

                                   Allocated the US registration N6696W, VH-DRH found its way to Australia where it was regis-
                                   tered in January 1966.   David Carter photographed it at Moorabbin in December 1969 . By the
                                   mid 1970s the Cherokee was with Bruce Hartwig’s flying school at Waikerie, South Australia.
                                   It was at Waikerie that it was damaged August 3, 1976 and spent the next four months “convalescing”.
                                   Hartwig’s flying school later moved to Parafield, where it still is today. It is no longer owned by Bruce.
                                   –DRH was current in September 2016 and registered to an owner from Perth.