VH-DQN  Auster III                                                        (c/n  365)


                                        Photo (from the Geoff Goodall collection) taken in the hangar at Deniliquin, NSW in July 1967.                                       
                                        Formerly VH-BGI, (and MZ251 and A11-13 during WW II) it had been returned to the register
                                        on 21 September 1965 by Mr. J. Stewart of Deniliquin, a former mayor the town, who proudly
                                        used Deniliquin's aeronautical designation for the registration VH-DQN.      Painted in a blue and
                                        white scheme, it retained the fabric covering over the AOP-3 rear cabin perspex areas as applied
                                        to VH-BGI.     After sale to a Melbourne owner, this Auster was damaged when it struck power
                                        lines during a forced landing at Kooweerup, Victoria and flipped over on to its back, luckily with-
                                        out serious injury to the pilot and passenger.  At last report VH-DQN was a long-term restoration
                                        project at Keilor, Victoria.