VH-DPI  Cessna 182K Skylane                                   (c/n  18258003)

                                   Allocated the registration N3003Q in the factory, VH-DPI arrived in Australia by sea and was
                                   registered VH-DPI in May 1967.   David Carter saw it at Moorabbin in December 1969. The
                                   1976 register showed the owner to be Stanbroke Pastoral Company, one of Australia’s major
                                   beef cattle enterprises but still based at Moorabbin.   From September 1981 to November that
                                   year it was off the register as withdrawn from use.     In more recent years it has been used for
                                   skydiving, still in Victoria.   On March 24, 1996, it overran the strip at Bridgewater during skyd-
                                   iving operations, suffering substantial damage from which it recovered.  In July 2016, the register
                                   showed the owner as Leslie Facer, of Geelong, who is a well known pilot in skydiving circles .