VH-DPH  Cessna 172H Skyhawk                           (c/n  17255872)


                                    VH-DPH was a second hand aircraft privately imported by Dudley Preston, a Perth aircraft owner.
                                    Merv Prime saw it (above) at Jandakot in February 1968, a month after it had been registered.  It is
                                    seen in one of the rustic general parking areas at Jandakot cleared from the surrounding trees, just
                                    before its sale to Airmuster Pty Ltd at Yinnietharra Station via Carnarvon WA.       It dived into the
                                    ground during low-level sheep mustering at Brickhouse Station near Callagiddy WA on 2 December
                                    1971, killing the two occupants.   Greg Thom's shot of it (below) was used in an Aviation Safety
                                    Digest publication to illustrate the fate of this Skyhawk  .   No absolute conclusion was drawn as to
                                    the cause of the crash.