VH-DOR  Cessna 182H Skylane                           (c/n 18256246)


                                      These two shots of VH-DOR by John Bland at Moorabbin in July 1965  are comparatively rare.
                                   .  Rare inasmuch as this aircraft was offically registered to the RVAC as VH-RVF on the same day
                                      (9 July, 1965) it was given the identity VH-DOR by Rex Aviation at Bankstown.  It came out of
                                      the box as N2346X, and I have no idea why Rex didn't paint it VH-RVF in the first place.    Any-
                                      way, it appears, that, as VH-DOR it forced landed at Moorabbin on 21 July 1965 due to fuel
                                      exhaustion.   When rebuilt by Schutts it was repainted VH-RVF.