VH-DMR  Bell 47J-2A Ranger                        (c/n  3121)


                                        This Bell chopper was appropriately registered when Bob Neate took this shot at Mascot in
                                        1965, belonging, as it did, to the Department of Main Roads.  Greg Banfield's B&W photo at
                                        the foot of the page also shows it at Mascot somewhat earlier on 5 November 1964 in the
                                        original red and white trim.   The local government agency sold it off later and it was ultimately
                                        written off in a crash on 5 June 1983 at the old Dagworth Station ruins in Queensland, presumably
                                        on a sightseeing flight.  The nice shot below was taken by Nelson Hopkins (via Greg Banfield) in
                                        August 1977, probably at Moorabbin which was  home base for Jayrow Helicopters.