VH-DMN  Cessna 150E                           (c/n  15061039)


                                         This 150 looks to be in good shape, although Ian Mcdonell, who took the above shot at
                                         Toowoomba in April 2014 indicates that it has been, in fact, off the register for quite some
                                         time.   First registered in 1965, it was owned, at one time, by the Tyagarah Aero Club
                                         at Murwillumbah, NSW.   Correspondent Raymond Bryant  indicates that during the
                                         1980s -DMN was owned by Adrian Bryant who purchased it from the club.  Early in
                                         the 1980s a cyclone ripped through Murwillumbah airport and destroyed the wings of
                                         -DMN.        The same cyclone also hit Coolangatta airport and took out sister craft
                                         VH-DMO.   Adrian then acquired that latter machine and married its undamaged wings
                                         to -DMN.  The fuselage of -DMO along with the damaged wings of -DMN languished
                                         at Murwillumbah for several years..