VH-DMB  (3)   Beech 95-C55  Baron                              (c/n  TE-76)


                                     What an extraordinary way to display the rego on this Baron.  They had loads of space on the fin
                                     and rudder but elected instead on this extremely narrow font on the fin.     See the enlarged image
                                     below of this nice Merv Prime photo.    The aircraft was registered in March 1966 and the owner
                                     was veteran pilot and engineer Doug Muir, who had just moved his charter business from Darwin
                                     to Perth and leased the aircraft to Steel Construction Company.   This firm deployed many aircraft
                                     between Perth and the remote mining towns of northern Western Australia in the 1960s and 70s.
                                  .  Muir sold his company to Civil Flying Services in early 1967 and VH-DMB(3) became VH-CFG(3) 
                                     in October of that year.