VH-DLM  Cessna 180A Skywagon                  (c/n  32812)


                                      Here's a truly excellent photograph (above) of a typical Cessna 180 from the Geoff Goodall
                                      collection. It was taken at West Sale, Victoria, in August 1967.   This 1957 model 180 (ex
                                      N9515B) was first registered in Australia in February 1960 and was flying for Farmair of
                                      Tinamba, Victoria at the time.   It is still on the register and was photographed by Ian Mcdonell
                                      (below) at the 2011 Clifton, Qld Fly-in.   I'm frankly not wild about the color scheme, and,
                                      coupled with the droop tips and Alaska-style oversized wheels it hardly resembles a 180 at all!