VH-DKB  Cessna 172A                                                     (c/n  47189)


                                  This early 172A came on the register in April of 1960 as VH-DJK.  Formerly ex N7589T, it was
                                  re-registered VH-CNB in February, 1962 and assumed its current identity in March 1966.  Geoff
                                  Goodall's shot above was taken at Perth's Jandakot Airport in August 1972.       John Wheatley's
                                  photo below was taken at around that same time, (venue unknown) although appears to be sporting
                                  some aero club type wings just aft of the cabin, absent on the image above.      Today the fifty-plus
                                  year old Cessna is privately owned and still in Western Australia.