VH-DJY  Cessna  172E Skyhawk                     (c/n  17251007)


                                    One of the better of John Bland's photos, this one taken at Moorabbin when -DJY was new in
                                    April 1964.      John indicates that around about that time he graduated from his old (borrowed)
                                    Box Brownie to his dad's Agfa 35 mm camera.   John also noticed that several Cessnas imported
                                    around this time did not have the paint job on the rudder, or indeed the Cessna circle logo which
                                    normally accompanied this livery.  Odd, huh?   Anyway, this Skyhawk seems to have spent most
                                    of its fifty years in Queensland, a state where it is now still currently registered (2015), to a private