VH-DJF  Piper PA-25 Pawnee 235C               (c/n  25-4309)


                                  Unlike many of the 100 or so Pawnees which were imported into Australia in the 1960s and 70s,
                                  this one was "previously owned" and had been registered in the US as N4610Y.  A 1967 model,
                                  it did not come onto the Australian register until 1969.   Geoff Goodall photographed it at Carnamah,
                                  West Australia in June 1970.  It was, and still is, owned by  John Forrest Pty Ltd.  VH-DJG was with-
                                  drawn from use in 1971, languished for a number of years, and was restored to the register in 1978 as
                                  VH-IJF, -DJF in the meantime having been given to a Piper Warrior II.    This almost forty year old
                                  Pawnee is still current and still registered to John Forrest Pty Ltd at Carnamah.