VH-DIF  Cessna 172D Skyhawk                                    (c/n  17250446)


                                      This was originally registered VH-DIE in October 1963 then re-registered VH-DIF in December
                                      of that year after having been sold new by Rex, and  presumably since the owner did not like the
                                      rego VH-DIE.  Can't say I blame him, actually.    To accommodate this, the bearer of the original
                                      VH-DIF, a Cessna 182F Skylane,  was reregistered VH-WJN.   Research shows that this Sky-
                                      hawk appears to have been owned by Mr. A.A. Henderson of Middlebrook Station, Scone,
                                      NSW since new.      It was, therefore, probably Mr. Henderson who had the rego changed.
                                      David Carter's shot of it above was at Bankstown in  November 1969.  It is still current.