VH-DHS    Beech 95-C55 Baron                                (c/n  TE-270)


                                           The C55 had the 285 hp injected Continental IO-520-C engines with 3 bladed props.   This
                                           one was imported by the distributor, Hawker de Havilland in January 1967 and, some four
                                           months later, re-registered VH-KXK when sold to KWK Transport in Derby, WA.   Much
                                           later, in 1985, VH-DHS was assigned to a model 58 Baron.   The above photo by Greg Ban-
                                           field taken at Canberra on 22 January 1967 (nine days after it was first registered, ex N4841J)
                                           is, therefore, quite rare.