VH-DHA (4)  de Havilland D.H.104 Dove 6                     (c/n  04514)


                             This Dove was not registered in Australia until 1971, having come in from the UK where it had
                             been G-ARMT.  (It was originally slated to became VH-ADA but since -DHA was available
                             (the previous holder - # 3 of the rego-, a Beech 95 having become VH-BSS) it was assigned
                             markings within the de Havilland Australia series.    It was operated by the Northern Territory
                             Medical Service (Commonwealth Dept of Health) as seen in the photo above, taken at Banks-
                             town in February 1974 by David Eyre.  Later it went to Ted Rudge dba Rudge Air.       By the
                             time George Canciani took the shot below at Essendon in April 2003 it had been given a psuedo
                             original de Havilland-like paint scheme.  It was sold in the USA in July 2006 becoming N104DV. .