VH-DHA (3)  Beech 95-B55 Baron               (c/n  TC-393)


                                   Although bearing the same type number, there is little similarity between this sleek twin than its rather
                                   stubby looking predecessor and holder of this same rego, the Travel Air.    The B55 was the most
                                   numerous of the Barons built, almost 2,000 of them leaving the Wichita assembly line from 1952 to
                                   1984.   C/n TC-393 was a 1962 model, previously N9732Y, first registered in Australia in Feb-
                                   ruary 1963.    Greg Banfield took the photo of it above at Bankstown soon after it had been imported,
                                   in July 1963.  Two years later it was re-registered VH-CFT.