VH-DGW (1)  Cessna 150                                    (c/n 17675)


                                     The first -DGW was this trim 150, owned by: D.G. Wills of "Marra Downs" Station, via
                                     Brewarrina NSW.  It was the former VH-CYM imported by Jim Hazelton of Dubbo in
                                     February 1962.. Its US registration was N7875E.   Call me critical,. if you will, but I do
                                     believe I could have painted the rego on myself to read more like "GW" than "CV".    The
                                     above photo was taken by Bob Neate in 1963, probably at Dubbo.  -DGW was sold in
                                     March 1966 becoming VH-TOU.