VH-DGD   Cessna TU-206A Super Skywagon               (c/n  U206-0522)


                                            Another Australian-registered turbocharged Super Skywagon.  This one was formerly N4822F
                                            and came onto the register in July 1966, initially to Southbank Aviation of Wollongong, NSW.
                                            In 1968 it was sold to Adastra Aerial Surveys Pty Ltd subsidiary Sepal Pty Ltd at Mascot and
                                            presumably used for mapping..  The next year saw it transferred to parent company Adastra
                                           .In 1976, Qasco acquired the aerial photography business of Adastra enabling that concern to
                                            gain access to Adastra's extensive historical film archives.   In July 1977 -DGD was acquired by
                                            Maxwell Smith Holdings Pty Ltd and leased to Qasco in whose titling at appears in the shot
                                            above taken by Greg Banfield at Bankstown in April 1987.  An earlier shot of it by Ron Cuskelly
                                            taken at Brisbane in 1973 (below) shows it in Adastra Aerial Surveys titling.    In 1980 it was
                                            registered to Control Surveys Pty Ltd and then the following year it appeared on the books of
                                            Qasco (NSW) Pty Ltd.    VH-DGD crashed at Bankstown on 22 April 1990 following an engine
                                            failure.   The two crew (Andrew Mitchell and Bernie Moriarty) were not injured.   The damaged
                                            fuselage was later used as a ground prop in the production of a Coca Cola advertisement featuring
                                            sky surfing.