VH-DFZ  Cessna 172F Skyhawk                                 (c/n  17251941)

                                           Sometimes the only images I have of a particular machine are those of the remains.  Such is the
                                           case with -DFZ, seen here at its crash site near Truro, SA.     It was owned by the Adelaide
                                           Flying Group out of Parafield at the time and was on a solo navex flight on 28 May 1966 when
                                           the pilot became unwell and attempted a forced landing near Stonefield, but struck power lines.
                                           The pilot escaped with minor injuries, although the Cessna was a complete write off.    It had
                                           first been registered as a new production aircraft on 29 January of that year to Rex Aviation
                                           and sold to Adelaide Flying Group several weeks later.