VH-DEK  Cessna 180 Skywagon                                 (c/n 30270)

                                        This 180 was at Bathurst NSW, in October 1969 when the nice color shot above was taken
                                        by John Hopton.     Previously N1570C this Cessna had been imported in November 1963
                                        for Sydney aerobatic pilot Joseph Hrabic who also owned the Zlin Trener Master VH-DBZ.
                                        On 4 March 1978 -DEK failed to climb out of Canberra Airport after picking up an advertising
                                        banner, the result being seen below in this shot by Mike Vincent.      It was owned at the time
                                        by Colonel Keith Hatfield who operated Berwisj airfield in Victoria.    Repaired, it had several
                                        other owners after that and today is registered to a private owner in Victoria.