VH-DDE  Beech E33A Bonanza                                (c/n  CE-187)


                                     VH-DDE was the first of the new E33 models to be registered in Australia when Beechcraft agent
                                     Hawker de Havilland registered it in February 1968.  The E33 model dropped the name Debonair
                                     in favour of Bonanza, which it shared with the V-tail Model 35 and the then new stretched Model 36.
                                     –DDE was also an E33A, with a more powerful engine than the regular E33, and had been delivered
                                     to Australia as N28433.      David Carter’s photograph was taken at Bankstown around 1981 when
                                     it was was still sporting its original factory colour scheme. VH-DDE was still current in August 2016
                                     and is owned by a grazier from Tottenham, NSW