VH-DDA  (2)  Beech A23-24 Super III                                   (c/n  MA-247)


                                   This Super III version of the Musketeer had a checkered career.  Registered in September, 1967,
                                   it crashed at Burrawantie Homestead, near Bourke, on November 27, 1968.     It was rebuilt and
                                   returned to the register in June 1970.      David Carter saw it soon after at Bathurst, where he took
                                   this photo on 4 October.   On October 23, 1974, it crashed again when its engine failed on take-off
                                   from Coffs Harbour.   The owner-pilot, John Langan, was badly injured.  –DDA did not survive and
                                   was written off.