VH-DCF  Beech G35 Bonanza                           (c/n  D-4664)


                                          Here's a Bonanza with tip tanks.  Not unknown by any means, but not that common either.  Handy
                                          for extending the range, but at some sacrifice to the useful load.  Geoff Goodall took the above shot
                                          at Adelaide's Parafield Airport in April 1967.     It was originally imported through the then Australian
                                          agents for Beech Aircraft, deHavilland Aircraft of Sydney in October 1961 as VH-MJT, and was
                                          previously N4319D.  It was sold the next year to a farmer at Coonalpyn SA and re-registered -DCF.
                                          As such it then went on to serve a long series of SA owners.  I n 2007 it bcsame VH-DMV(4) and
                                          in 2015 was restored at VH-VPV.