VH-DBJ   Piel CP301 Emeraude 100                                  (c/n  KG2)


                                  The French-designed Emeraude was one of a handful of homebuilt designs approved for construction
                                  in Australia in the 1960s.     VH-DBJ was registered in 1967 to Automation Instrument Services, of
                                  Bankstown, initially with the construction number KG2.   In 1968 this was changed to N2 when home-
                                  built aircraft construction numbers were brought into a special block managed by the Sports Aircraft
                                  Association.     The letter signified the state where the aircraft was built, N for NSW in this case , the
                                  numbers allocated in a sequence starting at 1 for each state.        This system is now largely disused.
                                  –DBJ had its registration revoked by authorities in 2006.   David Carter shot it at Bankstown in 1970
                                  when it looked splendid in its black and gold markings.