VH-DAO (2)  Victa Airtourer 115/A1                           (c/n  149)


                                     Airtourer 115 VH-DAO crashed at Darwin on 22 February 1970 and was struck off the Register on
                                     20 April 1970.   It was rebuilt as an Airtourer 115/A1 (with 150 hp) and restored in September 1972.
                                     Greg Banfield took the above shot of it at Bankstown on 31 January 1972, when it was off the Register,
                                     although it looks complete.  Almost a quarter of a century later it was resplendent again in a more or less
                                     authentic Victa livery when Danny Tanner saw it at Adelaide in March 1995 (below).  VH-DAO is now
                                     currently owned by a company in Sale, Victoria.